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I'm Timur

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I've been a startup founder, event organiser, door-to-door salesman, poker croupier, bartender, waiter and bar manager. Now, I am a Master's student of Entrepreneurship and Innovation Management at the University of Mannheim.

Born in Kazakhstan, raised in Germany, studied, worked, and lived in France, England, Ireland, and Australia.

Pragmatic, generalist, love questioning the status quo and a passionate European citizen.

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Writing my master thesis in Mannheim, just finished a consulting internship in Cologne, and building an innovation research startup with four of my friends.

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What am I doing now?


Trial and error should be at the core of business education

Business is service. It's never business for the sake of making business. Business is the means by which we achieve problem solution on a largest possible scale. Solving problems is the foundation of any business.

Finding the problems worth solving, gaining deep understanding of customers' needs, developing and delivering the solution, and scaling the operations to serve the demand - this is what business is about.

All of this you learn best through trial and error.

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10 years at a glance

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Some thoughts


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On essential professions.


"If you stop advertising your product or service and the people still want it and buy it, then yes, your product is essential, but your job is not. If your product is not in demand after all ads are shut off, then neither your product nor your job has been essential."

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Appell zur neuen Literacy


Um die Zukunft gestalten zu können, muss die breite Bevölkerung technologisch literat werden.


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German Housing Market — State of Irrational Enthusiasm?


The topic of a possible property bubble in Germany has been very popular for almost a decade. The prices in the biggest urban regions keep growing at an unsustainable rate for the long-term residents.

The ongoing debate made me reconsider publishing some of my research on this topic. The results, though not the most actual, are still of great importance. They show that not much has changed in the market dynamics over the past two years.

This is the conclusion of my Bachelor Thesis (2017) at the OTH Regensburg.

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Fehler machen & der gesellschaftliche Welpenschutz


Solange wir Verantwortung für unsere eigene Zukunft und damit die der Gesellschaft übernehmen und uns bilden, schützen uns die deutsche und die europäische Gesellschaft. Diese Gesellschaft besteht aus Privatpersonen und Familien, genauso wie Gemeinden und Vereinen, staatlichen Organen genauso wie Unternehmen, Profitorientierten genauso wie Zweckorientierten Organisationen. Sie alle, ob auf direkte oder indirekte Weise, investieren in uns zum Wohle der Gesellschaft.

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